Obama Shares His Darkest Fears

Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On Sunday, The Wall Street Journal put out a new report on the concerns that former President Barack Obama has about the Democrats potentially losing the next election.

According to one source close to Obama, the former President is concerned that the Democrats might end up losing in 2024, he further argued that Obama was aware that this would be a “close race.”

President Joe Biden is heading into the 2024 presidential race with an impeachment inquiry against himself and an indictment against his son Hunter Biden. There is also the possibility that Hunter Biden’s recent decision to defy the House Republicans subpoena might result in him facing additional charges.

The source has argued that Obama was fearing that the alternative to Biden could end up being “pretty dangerous” for the country’s democracy.

Former President Donald Trump on the other hand had stated during his recent campaign rally in Durham, New Hampshire that he believed Joe Biden was a “threat to democracy.” The entirety of his rally was aired live on Newsmax.

Trump has also previously praised dictators while slamming news networks. During his rally, he specifically stated about Russian President Vladimir Putin that even he states that the situation in the United States with Biden pushing these politically motivated prosecutions was very beneficial to Russia as it clearly showed how rotten the American political system was. He added that the entire world was watching the United States and while the country was talking about democracy, one of the main political candidates was persecuting the political opponent that was leading in the race against him.

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