Obama Says He Avoids What?

Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Obama revealed to a group of social media influencers that he avoids political content.

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama told a group of influencers that “We live in a cynical time,” and that he resonated with those wanting to avoid political discourse as he mostly watches sports.

Obama made the revelations at a Biden fundraising event in Los Angeles, where he told a group of Instagram and TikTok creators that he understands how challenging it can be to avoid politics in their work.

He acknowledged that most of those interacting with these creators, “who are fans of you… feel turned off by the political discourse.”

“I get it,” Obama stated, before confessing, “I frankly watch sports, mostly.”

However, his confession didn’t stop him from attempting to get many of the young and progressive content creators to support 81-year-old President Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

He acknowledged that these content creators “may not agree with everything [Biden] does,” but highlighted that the President’s “basic trajectory” and his core beliefs would “nine times out of ten” align with their “core beliefs.”

Obama requested the influences to overlook differences and “use your influence” to boost Biden among their viewership, asking them to make content that is “engaging people.” 

The Biden campaign has struggled to attract young voters and progressives, critical demographics in swing states. However, by courting these young content creators, the campaign looks to change that, by getting a — largely uninformed voter base — to turn out in droves on election day.

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