Numerous Democratic-Run Cities Are Losing Their Starbucks Shops

Numerous Democrat-Run Cities Are Losing Their Starbucks Shops

Popular Coffee Shop Closes Doors In Liberal Cities – Guess Why?

( – Since 2020, citizens across America have faced an unprecedented crime spike. As Democratic-led cities defunded police departments, left-wing district attorneys refused to prosecute criminals, and judges released suspects with little or no bail on the same day as their arrest, criminals flourished. In some cities, businesses have closed shops and left for safer communities. Now, Starbucks is joining this growing movement.

On Monday, July 11, The Wall Street Journal reported Starbucks is reacting to employee concerns in several cities. The massive coffee franchise said it’s closing stores in five major US cities, all run by Democrats. In other stores, it’s giving managers leeway to institute policies to keep employees and customers safe.

Starbucks Shuttering Doors

Nationwide, Starbucks owns 8,941 stores. In 2021, it closed 424 locations but opened 449. Starbucks US operations leaders Debbie Stroud and Denise Nelson informed employees the company couldn’t serve communities if people didn’t feel safe in their stores, including employees and guests. The two leaders said the organization’s top priority was to ensure everyone felt secure and welcomed. This announcement comes after the giant corporation received excessive worker reports about serious legal issues, including but not limited to drug use by customers in stores.

So, the company decided to close six stores each in Seattle and Los Angeles, two in Portland, Oregon, and one location each in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Starbucks said the closures would happen by the end of July, and employees would be offered positions in other stores. So far in 2022, Los Angeles and Washington, DC have experienced higher homicide rates than at the same time in 2021.

Stroud and Nelson also said the company would add new employee training to aid workers in de-escalation tactics and active shooter events.

Managers Given Options To Control Problems In Stores

The company is giving store managers more authority to make decisions affecting safety in stores that remain open in high-crime areas. Stores may reverse public bathroom policies, limit how many people can sit inside the store, change store layouts, or reduce hours or operations if warranted.

In a letter to employees from returning CEO Howard Schultz, he noted the world is changing quickly as economic, cultural, and operational pressures collide. As it does, Starbucks must change with it, the highly respected business leader said. He added the company must reposition to satisfy the changing behaviors, expectations, or needs of employees and customers — and it’s not there yet.

Schultz said the company is laying the groundwork for how it will conduct business and create experiences for staff and customers. The CEO said Starbucks would announce the changes in the days ahead.

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