Novavax COVID Vaccine Is on Its Way to FDA Approval

Novavax COVID Vaccine Is on Its Way to FDA Approval

This COVID Vaccine May Be The Answer To Many Pandemic Problems

( – While the impact of COVID-19 on everyday life is no longer severe, the virus is still circulating around the country. According to the CDC, approximately two-thirds of the US population has fully inoculated with mRNA vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna. Still, officials believe those who hesitate to vaccinate don’t trust the more recent mRNA technology. This situation gave rise to the creation of the Novavax vaccine.

On Wednesday, July 13, the Food and Drug Administration approved the new vaccine under an emergency use authorization (EUA). The vaccine is a more conventional shot. It uses a protein spike of the COVID-19 virus and a Matrix-M adjuvant to boost the immune system. Protein-based vaccines have existed for some time, combating illnesses such as whooping cough and hepatitis B. Additionally, research studies showed that Novavax had fewer side effects than the Pfizer or Moderna shots.

The FDA says Novavax is 90% effective in preventing mild to severe COVID-19. The CDC still needs to give final approval to the new vaccine, but it’s already in use in 38 countries. Additionally, the Biden administration has already purchased 3.2 million doses for distribution once the CDC signs off on the new vaccine. Officials say they hope the traditional-style inoculation will incentivize more people to get protected from COVID-19 while variants and sub-variants work their way through the population.

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