North Korea Fires a Missile

North Korea Fires a Missile

( – Over the last several months, North Korea has been quiet as the world has wondered when Kim Jong Un might make an appearance. Well, he hasn’t shown himself, and he’s not talking. However, after the hermit country recently resumed ballistic and cruise missile tests, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the communist dictator, made a statement.

On Tuesday, September 28, North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile into the ocean. The launch demonstrated North Korea could quickly attack South Korea and Japan, where the United States has 80,000 military personnel based. Seoul and Tokyo confirmed the rocket launch. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said its officials, along with the US intelligence community, are studying the details of the launch.

Over the weekend, Kim Yo Jong communicated with South Korea. She informed the democratic country that North Korea was willing to resume talks and reconciliatory steps under certain conditions. Primarily, Kim Yo said that Seoul must stop its hostility and double-dealing with the communist regime. Experts believe the North feels the South can help influence the United States to reduce or eliminate sanctions against the economically depressed communist country.

US Officials are hoping to find a way to re-enter conversations with North Korea. However, until the regime has removed all of its nuclear threats, the sanctions will continue.

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