No Fly Zone: These US Cities Are Losing Air Support in Biden’s America

No Fly Zone: These US Cities Are Losing Air Support in Biden's America

This Airline Cuts More Flight Routes – Is Yours On The List?

( – Airlines cut services to many small markets as people traveled less, and the demand dropped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These companies are now reaping a financial windfall as Americans return to the skies. Still, problems linger with exploding operating costs resulting from skyrocketing fuel prices and wage increases. Regional jet services don’t have enough pilots, adding to operational issues. In February, United Airlines announced it dropped 17 regional airports. Now, it’s dropping three more routes and leaving two cities indefinitely.

On Monday, July 5, United said it’s stopping service from Houston to Texarkana, Texas, and Flagstaff, Arizona; the airline is also ending service between Los Angeles and San Diego for the first time in 40 years.

The decision to end service between Texarkana and Houston was a particular shock to local officials. They say United just started flying from the city in February. Since then, United has increased the number of passengers. Still, it wasn’t enough to overcome the losses due to low bookings and increased operating costs.

United isn’t the only company reducing flights. Pilot shortages forced American Airlines to terminate service to Islip, New York, Ithaca, New York, and Toledo, Ohio. The termination of flights will occur on September 7. The airline also announced plans to stop service to Alexandria, Louisiana, Ontario, California, and Saint Lucia.

Delta Airlines and SkyWest also announced they would drop regional flights in smaller cities later in the year.

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