Nikki Haley Makes A Prediction About Her Future

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Tuesday that she would be using the winter holidays to decide whether she would launch a presidential bid for 2024. The former South Carolina governor has noted that the holidays would be the perfect occasion to look into the situation and decide whether this is something she would like to take on. She added that if she did decide to place a bid then “ we’ll put 1,000 percent in, and we’ll finish it.”

Haley served as U.N. ambassador under former President Trump and had previously stated that if Trump was to run in 2024 then she would not be seeking to become the GOP nominee. This was something she had told The Associated Press in April 2021. She had also added that if she were to decide to run, then this would be something she would discuss with former President Trump.

Trump was the first Republican leader to announce his bid for the presidency, making his announcement only one week after the GOP’s disappointing midterm elections performance. Despite this, Haley has hinted that she too might be interested in running for the presidency.

During a Las Vegas meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition in November, she noted that while many have asked whether she was planning to run for president, this was not a decision she had made yet and that she would need to be looking at it more seriously before making a final choice.