Newsweek Hit Piece on Republican Senator Backfires

Newsweek Hit Piece on Republican Senator Backfires

( – Why are some reporters focusing so hard on the fake politics of personal destruction instead of exposing actual government wrongdoing, corruption and failed policies? On Monday, August 9, a Newsweek reporter ran with Chinese propaganda in an attempt to link Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to former President Donald Trump, as if that were a bad thing. 

Reporter Cammy Pedroja used fake Chinese propaganda to poorly explain Blackburn’s policy positions and portray the Republican senator as a racist. The self-proclaimed social justice warrior and feminist quoted a Chinese state media bureau chief and reporter for China Daily to make her case. Pedroja accused the politician of referring to the Chinese as the “new axis of evil,” denying Chinese students visas and quoting the Chinese communist, who called Blackburn the “most racist” Senator and a “lifetime b**h.”

In addition, the Newsweek reporter improperly referred to Blackburn as a member of congress. She’s not in the House of Representatives. She’s a US Senator. 

One might question where the editors for this article were and why Pedroja was quoting the Chinese. The story also makes one question what kind of feminist would use a sexist slang term against another woman.

It’s more fodder from the woke left media, which hypocritically participates in actions they would scrutinize conservatives over. When will the spin end?

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