New York Magazine Touts Inflammatory Article to “Help You Get an Abortion”

New York Magazine Touts Inflammatory Article to

Radical Leftist Publication Posts How-To Guide On Something Disturbing

( – In early May, a leaked draft authored by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in an abortion case led many people to believe the High Court will overturn Roe v. Wade in a matter of days or weeks. The leak sparked widespread outrage among pro-choice activists. If the draft becomes part of the final ruling, the Supreme Court will invalidate Roe and turn abortion over to the states under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. Nearly half the states would allow the procedure in some form, and about half of those would make it widely available.

On Monday, May 23, New York Magazine dedicated its cover and edition to providing a practical access guide to abortion. The magazine cover said the publication could help women get abortions. Fox News said the magazine offered tips on ending a pregnancy at home and evading law enforcement using privacy laws.

New York Magazine wasn’t the first to come out with an abortion guide. On May 10, Vogue published a state-by-state guide to abortion. Yet, unlike New York Magazine, Vogue didn’t splash it across its cover.

As tensions build ahead of a Supreme Court decision, should Americans expect hyper-intense media headlines, criticism, and emotions around the abortion debate?

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