New Study Says iPhone Is Tracking All Your Steps

New Study Says iPhone Is Tracking All Your Steps

( – Technology has come a long way in the past century. If someone had claimed a hundred years ago people would be walking around with mini-computers in their pockets, everyone would have thought the person was crazy. But look at the world now, full of technology, a cornerstone in the lives of millions. According to a new study, iPhones are tracking how people walk.

Most Apple users know the Apple Watch will automatically contact emergency services after detecting a fall. What some users may not realize is iPhones do something similar yet more comprehensive.

It’s likely no surprise phones track certain data about people; many count people’s steps for them and track their activity. Apple users can find the “Walking Steadiness” in their iPhone’s health app. The new feature tracks the amount of time between each step, walking speed, step length, steps up and down stairs and double support time, which is how much time both feet are on the ground while walking.

All of this is data allows the phone to build a profile of its user. When it detects an anomaly, it alerts the user, letting them know they’re at risk of falling. The feature only works if the phone is in the user’s pocket or secured at their waist.

While Apple tracking their users’ walking and having the ability to warn them of potential fall risks certainly has positive potential, it may also have possible negatives. Many people worry if Apple shares the data with the government, officials might use that info to invade individuals’ privacy in a gross display of overreach. Still, used properly, the technology could save people from injuries or worse.

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