New Study Reveals That This Diet Trend Is Going the Way of the Dodo

New Study Reveals That This Diet Trend Is Going the Way of the Dodo

( – When was the last time you chose to buy a plant-based “steak” instead of red meat at the grocery store? If you’re like most Americans, you didn’t select the imitation plant meat over real beef despite the vegan trend the mainstream media has been pushing for the last several years. According to the New York Post, Americans love red meat more than ever, as the average person ate 58.6 pounds of the protein in 2021.

Today, Americans eat an average of five pounds more red meat annually than they did just five years ago. At the same time, vegan restaurants have either closed or those planning to open never made their plant-based meats available to consumers. That’s how scarce vegans are in comparison with meat-eaters. Steakhouses are spreading across America — and restaurant owners say the demand for red meat isn’t going away anytime soon.

Cardiovascular pharmacologist Alice Stanton recently offered a startling claim about vegan diets. She said nutrition levels in fruits and vegetables are dropping as farmers try to fulfill consumer demand for inexpensive meals. She said plant-based foods saw drops in vitamin levels and electrolytes up to 50% over the last 50 years, which could make people more dependent on meat to meet specific nutritional needs. Stanton said achieving a balanced diet with vegan foods is possible, but it takes more work.

So, are you willing to work harder to eat less meat?

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