New Poll Shows Support for American Immigration Is Thinning

New Poll Shows Support for American Immigration Is Thinning

SHOCKING New Poll Proves Democrat Agenda Is In Grave Peril

( – Since January 2021, illegal immigration has become an ongoing issue under the Biden Administration. In February 2022, Gallup released a poll saying 58% of Americans were dissatisfied with the amount of immigration into the United States, including 69% of Republicans. On Sunday, May 22, a new POLITICO-Harvard poll reinforced the view that Americans’ support for immigration is thinning.

The poll is the latest repudiation of Biden’s immigration policies. It said 41% of Americans want to reduce immigration, a 10-point jump over 2021. Additionally, 55% of Americans want the Biden administration to preserve Title 42 versus 45% who think the order should end. The program is part of the 1944 Public Health Service Act empowering the CDC to issue orders forbidding immigrants into the US to prevent the spread of viral diseases.

The survey also found that while people are losing faith in the immigration system, they see Title 42 as a means to control illegal immigration. The Department of Homeland Security admitted that 18,000 illegal immigrants could arrive at the southern border daily after the government lifts Title 42 restrictions. More than 20 GOP-led states sued the administration after it announced it planned to end the order in May, and a federal judge ruled officials violated the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), failing to consider the decision’s impact on the states. The judge also placed a temporary injunction on the Biden Administration’s order lifting Title 42.

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