New Jersey Schools Want to Fund Puberty Blockers for 5th Graders

New Jersey Schools Want to Fund Puberty Blockers for 5th Graders

( – Is America experiencing a hostile takeover by the Left in its public schools? There’s an intense debate over what kids should and shouldn’t learn in school in the latest culture war. In March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation prohibiting schools from teaching about transgender identity issues between kindergarten and third grade. Now, there’s a fierce debate in New Jersey as a two-year-old law goes into effect this September.

In early April, one local school board announced a plan to teach students about sexual orientation, gender identity, and anatomy. It’s evoking concerns that educators could teach students as young as second grade about adult sexual material, including learning about puberty blockers and masturbating daily to relieve stress. Some say the sample materials show schools are going too far on sensitive subjects at such young ages. Others say the law and schools undermine parental rights.

For the first time, on Wednesday, April 13, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said he recognized the criticism. The governor said parents deserve to have a say on these issues, and he was willing to alter the standards over reasonable concerns. Yet, Murphy didn’t define “reasonable.” Democratic state Sen. Vin Gopal asked the governor to provide the Department of Education with clarity to avoid misinformation and questions from parents.

Stay tuned. This story is evolving.

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