Neighborhood Detains Catalytic Converter Thief Until Police Arrive

Neighborhood Detains Catalytic Converter Thief Until Police Arrive

Citizens Arrest: Criminal Held Hostage By Neighborhood Watch

( – As crime spikes across big cities in America, some citizens are taking matters into their own hands. In Atlanta, Georgia, citizens didn’t wait for the police to show up to help them after they heard sounds of power tools emanating from underneath a parked vehicle. When neighbors confronted 42-year-old Patrick Jorel York, he fled from the scene. The neighbors in the community chased him down and held the suspect until the officers arrived.

Police said York tried to escape with a catalytic converter. They also found his bag and discovered the tools used in the heist. Authorities said the car part was worth $1,200. The Pew Charitable Trust noted criminals ordinarily sell the converters for $50 to $500 on the internet or to scrapyards. Unfortunately, car owners may have to fork over $1,000 to $4,000 to replace a lost part. In 2020, reports indicate criminals stole 1,200 catalytic converters every month.

The Atlanta Police Department thanked the citizens for aiding them and stopping the criminal from escaping after committing his illegal act. They reported no injuries. Authorities charged York with theft, possession of tools for the commission of a crime, and possession of marijuana. They said law enforcement had arrested him at least 16 times before this incident.

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