Neanderthals Hideout Discovered in a Secret Cave Chamber

Neanderthals Hideout Discovered in a Secret Cave Chamber

( – Archeologists have made a fascinating discovery about humanity’s closest ancient ancestor. After nine years of digging, researchers discovered a cave chamber in the back of the Vanguard Cave in Gibraltar. Sand and sentiment concealed the room until now. 

The chamber reveals that Neanderthals lived in the area 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. Researchers believe it’s likely they used the cave, and it’s possibly among the last places Neanderthals inhabited before they went extinct 40,000 years ago. 

Researchers discovered the cave in August. It measures 43 feet in length and adorns unique decor such as stalactites hanging from the ceiling that resemble icicles. Researchers found the remains of lynx, griffon vultures, hyenas and a sea snail. They also discovered scratches on the wall surface produced by an unidentified carnivore.

Once they start excavating, archeologists hope to find Neanderthal burial sites. Already, they’ve discovered carvings believed to be Neanderthal artwork as well as plucked bird feathers and potentially slaughtered seals. 

Who knows what scientists might discover about Neanderthals? Scientists believe these primitive people are our closest extinct relatives. They lived during the ice age, and their bodies were shorter and stockier than humans today, making it easier to live in colder conditions. Their ancient culture used tools, built fires and buried their dead. 

Perhaps we’re about to learn more about how Neanderthals lived in the coming years.

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