Navy SEALS Join Fight to Stop Nancy Pelosi

Navy SEALs Join Fight to Stop Nancy Pelosi

( – The Navy SEALs are the absolute best of America’s elite special forces. The US government trains them to be intense, focused and determined, with a will to survive. They never back down from a challenge. Veterans of all services are among some of the nation’s most patriotic citizens. Some leave the military to serve the country in other capacities, including as members of Congress.

Six conservative former SEALs are taking on a new mission. They say their one unified goal is to strip House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of her control over the House of Representatives. Pelosi has served as the Speaker or the Democratic Minority Leader in the House for over 20 years. The SEALs say it’s time for her to relinquish control.

The six former elite military members are running for Congress in states from coast to coast. Together, they formed a single political action committee called SEAL PAC. On Monday, January 24, they released a campaign ad highlighting their military service and efforts to protect America overseas, stating they have one grave threat left to defeat. The ad then pans to a picture of Pelosi before asking viewers to join them in the effort.

For Republicans to boot Pelosi from the Speaker’s chair, they only need to win a net total of six seats. In this election cycle, political analysts believe, based on polling, this year could be a shellacking against Democrats.

Currently, only 76 out of 435 members of the House of Representatives are veterans.

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