NASA Issues “Woke” Message About Race Regarding Space Missions

NASA Issues

( – NASA recently updated its timeline to return to the moon, but not its policy to choose astronauts based on their race or gender. The Artemis missions that would have originally landed people in 2024 are on hold until 2025. While the space agency hasn’t announced the crew yet, NASA made it clear a woman and a person of color will be onboard.

Artemis is a complex mission consisting of several phases. Unlike the Apollo missions, which were land, gather and leave events, the Artemis missions will build infrastructure in orbit and on the moon’s surface. The first people to land have the critical jobs of preparing for the next mission, not just worrying about their own.

According to NASA’s “woke” policy, officials won’t necessarily fill the positions with the most qualified candidates, who might not fit the predetermined set of rules. That’s not to say a woman or person of color won’t be the most qualified candidate. Astronaut Jessica Meir is an accomplished academic with credentials including Harvard Medical School and the International Space Academy. She’s currently on the shortlist for the Artemis mission, and she very well may deserve it.

Might someone else deserve it a little bit more? We might never know. But does it seem fair to exclude talented, viable candidates based on gender or heritage?

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