Multiple Dead as Hurricane Agatha Destroys Everything in Its Path Through Mexico

Multiple Dead as Hurricane Agatha Destroys Everything in Its Path Through Mexico

Bodies Pile Up After DEVASTATING Hurricane Strikes Central America

( – A strong Category 2 hurricane hit Mexico’s southern state of Oaxaca, leaving several people dead and entire areas flooded. With sustained winds of 105 miles per hour at landfall, Hurricane Agatha ripped through thatched and metal roofing, caused massive tidal surges in inland rivers, and culminated in deadly mudslides. The storm initially hit the coast on May 29.

The strongest hurricane on record to hit land during May, Agatha ran contrary to what scientists believed would be a mild Eastern Pacific hurricane season. With 11 people confirmed dead and as many as 33 reported missing, the very first named storm of the season will hopefully be the only one this destructive.

The fatalities occurred when rivers rose and breached local banks, pulling people from their homes and trapping them among mud and rocks. Landslides were also a deadly instrument of Agatha’s wrath.

While most of the people who perished were in rural mountainous areas, three children were still missing from the coastal resort of Huatulco. The entire area is sparsely populated, but the damage was still significant. Several popular tourist destinations and fishing villages took severe damage. Locals salvaged what they could after the storm moved off and dissipated.

Meteorologists expect an active hurricane season in the Atlantic, from May through November. If Agatha constitutes what a mild storm looks like this season, vulnerable storm areas along the gulf and the eastern US may have serious cause for concern.

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