POLL: Most Americans Actually Support Censorship?

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POLL: Most Americans Actually Support Censorship?

A new poll has shown that both Republicans and Democrats are in support of censorship of social media. The poll was conducted by YouGov and showed that around 80 percent of Democrats and close to 60 percent of Republicans thought that social media companies ought to do more to prevent hate speech from being posted on the platforms.

This issue has become a great point of debate as some Republicans have criticized social media companies for restricting certain posts in their apps. Notably, former President Donald Trump has advocated that such opinions are protected under free speech, which is something he also says he promotes in his own platform Truth Social. Others like Tesla CEO Elon Musk have previously suggested purchasing some of these social media sites and loosening the restrictions on opinion post censorship.

Kanye West, who recently changed his name to Ye, also said that he was interested in purchasing the conservative social network service Parler. This was after he was suspended by both Instagram and Twitter for the antisemitic comments he recently made.

YouGov’s recent poll also showed that there is bipartisan support for social media sites censoring certain content which includes hate speech. Where the partisan lines were more important was regarding the information relating to conspiracy theories. According to the poll results, only 49 percent of Republicans thought such content should be restricted, while 79 percent of Democrats also held the same belief.

When asked about account suspension over posts that included hate speech, disinformation or other racial comments, 80 percent of Democrats said that these accounts should be suspended. However, Republicans were divided on the topic of suspension. With 50 percent of Republicans supporting the suspension for disinformation, by comparison to 82 percent of Democrats.

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