Mitt Romney’s Career Boosted After Russia Predictions Come True Years Later

Mitt Romney's Career Boosted After Russia Predictions Come True Years Later

( – On Friday, February 25, the Russian military continued its invasion of Ukraine. As the military began making its way into Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded the Ukrainian army disarm and remove its leadership, which he called a gang of addicts and neo-Nazis. Putin said the time was past to negotiate with Ukraine’s leaders but added he would talk if the Ukrainian military removed their leaders from power.

Shockingly, at least one prominent Democrat is now apologizing to former Republican presidential candidate-turned US Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). In 2012, Romney told America President Obama was taking his eyes off Russia. He added Russia was the US’ greatest geopolitical foe. Obama mocked him, and the media joined in.

It appears 10 years later, Romney was right. In 2012, former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright heavily criticized Romney’s statement and accused him of being out of date and wrong. She echoed Obama’s sentiment the Cold War was over, and Romney’s position made no sense.

On Tuesday, February 22, Albright said she owed Romney an apology for getting it wrong. She added the United States underestimated Putin and what was happening in Russia. Putin’s actions not only validated what Romney said in 2012, but it’s also boosting his political fortunes as he’s getting credit for being right all along.

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