Mitt Romney Not Expected to Take Sides During Senate Election

Mitt Romney Not Expected to Take Sides During Senate Election

( – When one of two sitting US Senators from the same party and state are running for re-election, it’s customary for the one not running to endorse the one who is. Still, on occasion, there are reasons why an endorsement might not fit. In Utah, popular incumbent conservative Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is running for re-election, but this time around, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) says he won’t be getting involved in endorsing anyone.

Six Republicans filed to run against Lee in the primary. Currently, polls show Lee is the favorite choice of primary voters with 51% approval. The next closest is 5%, with 37% of voters saying they are undecided. The dark horse holding Romney back is independent candidate Evan McMullin. Romney says he’s friends with both men. As a result, he won’t endorse either one.

Why is that important? In Utah, it’s nearly impossible for a Democrat to win office. Currently, one wants to run against Lee, but state party officials are heavily discouraging it. They say the best way to defeat the popular incumbent Republican is if Lee and McMullin have a one-on-one race without a Democrat on the ticket. But will that happen?

Stay tuned. Utah’s Senate race could be interesting to watch if you follow politics as a sport.

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