Millions Of Americans Without Transportation?

Photo by Sandy Ravaloniaina on Unsplash

( – The lack of government funding and increase in operation costs could result in many American cities facing a shortage of transportation methods, especially intercity bus lines. 

The intercity bus lines, which are run by companies like Megabus, Trailways, and Greyhound are an essential means of transportation between several cities. For many Americans who have to make long commutes to work, these are an essential part of their daily lives. According to estimates, the industry transports a larger number of travelers than Amtrak each year. 

However, despite their importance for American transportation, many intercity bus depots have begun to close in major cities. The move was originally made by Greyhound, however, others in the industry have now joined, closing the depots in major cities including Philadelphia, Oregon, Tampa, Portland, Houston, Charlottesville, Cincinnati, Virginia, and Louisville. The next cities that are expected to have their deports closed are Dallas and Chicago. The closures could affect an estimated 60 million people who could end up losing their access to intercity bus services. 

Greyhound and several other companies have often closed depots only to relocate them to areas further away from city centers. However, these new locations are not easily accessible through public transit. However, in other areas, the depots have been completely shut down, which has only led to a knock-on effect where the stations that relied on the traffic from the original station also need to be shut down. This was the case after the Jackson, Mississippi station closed, which resulted in the Little Rock, Arkansas station needing to close. 

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