Mike Pence Defends The Democrats Top Target

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday, former Vice President Mike Pence vowed to support Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas following the recent criticisms that the Supreme Court Justice has been facing for not disclosing the benefits he has received because of his close relationship with billionaire and GOP mega donor Harlan Crow.

Pence took to Twitter to state that ever since Thomas was first nominated to the Supreme Court in 1991 he has been the victim of attacks from the left. He continued by arguing that these attacks on his characters are something that has continued more than three decades later which is “appalling” to witness.

Thomas’ nomination hearings, were led by then-Sen. Joe Biden as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and was particularly tense because of the sexual harassment allegations made against him by Anita Hill. Hill and Thomas had worked together at the Department of Education and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Pence in his statement claimed that he stood with Thomas and that he was a “good man and principled jurist.” He proceeded to state that he was a “man of integrity” who had throughout his life supported the Constitution. He added that the country was lucky to have him serving in the highest court.

Last month, ProPublica released several reports detailing the financial benefits that Thomas has received from Crow over the past two decades. As they pointed out, Crow had paid for luxury trips, private jet flights, and yacht trips which Thomas never included in his financial disclosures. The two had also made a real estate deal that was never disclosed. Finally, in the most recent revelations, Crow had paid the private school tuition for one of Thomas’ family members.