Migrants Take to the Seas Worldwide — Seek Out Westernized Nations

Migrants Take to the Seas Worldwide -- Seek Out Westernized Nations

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Although the media tends to focus heavily on illegal immigration at the US southern border, our nation isn’t the only place experiencing floods of migrants from other countries. So far this year, over 6,000 illegal migrants have crossed the English Channel in small boats from France.

The Daily Mail reported the Ministry of Defense documented 181 illegal migrants crossing the Channel in six boats on Good Friday. On Saturday, 300 more arrived. The Royal Navy took command of the English Channel to stem the tide of illegal migration to combat the problem.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing criticism from left-wing activists after announcing intentions to ship illegal immigrants to Rwanda. The prime minister hopes flying the migrants to Rwanda will deter others from entering the United Kingdom illegally. According to official government statistics, in 2021, 28,526 people crossed the Channel in 1,034 small boats. Approximately 90% of those who came to the UK were men between 18 and 39 years old.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage sided with the far-left, saying the plan wouldn’t work. Farage argued the move would bog down in legal challenges and only serve as a short-term deterrent. Farage said the only long-term solution would be for the UK government to force the boats back to France.

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