Mexican National Caught Lying About Sexually Abusing Girl

Mexican National Caught Lying About Sexually Abusing Girl

( – Immigration is a big part of America’s attraction, hoping to bring in the best and brightest the world has to offer. Unfortunately, the US welcomes many who fail to make the grade in even the most basic ways. Recently, authorities caught a Mexican national in a lie he told regarding the abuse of a young girl.

31-year-old Edgar Daniel Cruz-Magallanes obtained his naturalization in March 2015. However, prosecutors allege he did so fraudulently because he lied on his naturalization application.

Federal prosecutors claim Magallanes answered “no” to the question of whether he had previously forced or tried to force someone to have relations or sexual contact with him. He pleaded guilty to charges of naturalization fraud and now faces a year of probation and the loss of his naturalized citizenship.

The 31-year-old had sexually abused an 8-year-old girl for two years between December 20, 2010, and December 18, 2012. However, the Wake County, NC court conviction didn’t come until June 2020, over five years after he gained his naturalized citizenship. Prosecutors indicated the government did not know about Magallanes’ sexual abuse of the young girl because no arrests occurred until after he was a naturalized citizen.

Still, he lied on his application, and now the courts will take away his US citizenship. Despite an order to deport Magallanes, Biden’s administration has refused to arrest and deport illegal aliens with criminal convictions. Shouldn’t the United States be more selective about who it allows to gain entrance to the country?

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