Medic Becomes First Russian Female Soldier to Die in the Conflict

Medic Becomes First Russian Female Solider to Die in the Conflict

Russia Just Lost Their First Female Soldier

( – In February, Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine and declared the Donbas region two separate countries. Russian separatists fought with Ukraine for eight years to gain control over the area. The Russians declared Luhansk and Donetsk as independent countries free from Ukrainian control, but the Ukrainian people don’t accept the breakaway regions as separate countries. In Donetsk, the Russians have been trying to capture the Black Sea port city of Mariupol from Ukraine, but the fighting has been intense. Now, the death toll includes the first female Russian soldier casualty.

It may surprise some people that Russia doesn’t allow women to serve in frontline combat units. Yet, the Russians allowed Valentina Galatova to serve on the front lines as a medic after she joined pro-Kremlin separatists. On April 14, Galatova became the first woman in the Russian military to die in the Ukrainian conflict. The Russian media said she died as a result of mortar fire during a combat operation at Mariupol.

Raised in the Donetsk province, Galatova lived there as an adult with her husband and child. He died last year in an armed conflict with Ukraine as a Russian separatist. The medic’s mother will raise the deceased couple’s son.

According to the UK Times, approximately 41,000 women serve in the Russian military. Around 4,000 women serve as Russian officers. As of 2021, 44 women served as colonels.

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