McCarthy’s Stern Warning To Trump

Kevin McCarthy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) stated during an interview on “CBS News Sunday Morning” that the United States did not want to witness a possible “retribution” from former President Donald Trump. In previous interviews, Trump has indicated that if he is elected to serve in the White House for a second term then he would potentially be seeking revenge.

When asked about the concerns regarding Trump’s rhetoric, McCarthy argued that he did not view it like that and that he had also told Trump about this as well. He pointed out that currently what Trump needed to do as part of his presidential campaign is focus on the need for restoration and rebuilding. He added that the campaign cannot be focused on revenge.

Robert Costa, a reporter from CBS News argued in response that Trump was spending every day talking about retribution.

McCarthy argued that this is something that the former President needed to stop. However, Costa counter argued that Trump did not appear willing to back away from his push for retribution. McCarthy attempted to say again that a balance system and a system of checks needed to exist only to have Costa interject and question where such a system existed within the Republican party.

In response, McCarthy argued that the American people were not looking for retribution and that Costa would see that this was not about retribution but rather about restoration, and renewal. These latest remarks by McCarthy come at a time when there are many concerns from Democrats and even some Republicans about Trump potentially abusing his power if reelected.

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