Matthew McConaughey Presents Gun-Control Plan at White House

Matthew McConaughey Presents Gun-Control Plan at White House

White House Brings In Top Actor To Sell Biden’s Radical Agenda

( – Over the last several months, America watched several acts of mass gun violence needlessly take the lives of innocent Americans. As gun-control advocates seized the moment, politicians in Washington, DC, began to talk in a bipartisan fashion about what they might be able to agree on legislatively. One actor with surprising connections to a recent tragedy stepped forward to present his plan at the White House.

On Tuesday, June 7, actor Matthew McConaughey surprisingly appeared behind the podium of the White House briefing room to make an impassioned plea to lawmakers and Americans. McConaughey was born and raised in Uvalde, Texas, where a teenage shooter took the lives of 19 elementary students and two teachers. Still, as late as Tuesday night, it seemed lawmakers’ expectations for a bipartisan deal were fading while they continued to express optimism they would accomplish something.

The debate strikes deep chords within many and has become a polarizing issue. Yet, lawmakers and citizens alike are searching for points of agreement. Many Americans find themselves caught in the middle of a debate with valid points from both sides. Those on the Left want to restrict guns more heavily, and those on the Right wish to protect the Second Amendment and their rights to obtain firearms legally.

McConaughey Promotes Parts of President Biden’s Gun Agenda

McConaughey didn’t appear overtly partisan in his speech to lawmakers or America. He portrayed himself as a small-town Texas gun owner who supports responsible gun ownership. From behind the White House podium, the Oscar-winning actor said he and his wife met with Uvalde families victimized by the mass shooter. McConaughey said each parent expressed their desire for their lost child’s memories to live on somehow and make their deaths matter.

The actor passionately demanded that lawmakers take action to prevent a mass shooting from happening again. He said responsible gun owners who support the Second Amendment are tired of people abusing and hijacking the Constitution.

The Texas resident added that owning a gun comes with responsibilities and noted that was a stance more Americans agree on than don’t.

What Did McConaughey Propose?

The award-winning actor said that this is the time for Congress to pass meaningful gun reform laws. McConaughey called for lawmakers to create a waiting period before someone could purchase an AR-15 rifle. He also said it’s time to increase the minimum age at which someone could buy a gun from 18 to 21 years old. Additionally, McConaughey said Congress should require red flag laws and universal background checks before all gun purchases.

McConaughey said these proposals were common sense and shouldn’t be partisan. The actor told Fox News host Bret Baier that he sensed a change in his talks with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. He said Republicans who were once staunchly against considering certain topics are now open to meaningful conversations. Regarding Democrats, McConaughey said they want the whole loaf of bread, but, for now, they’re willing to settle for a slice.

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