Maryland Mayor Charged After Committing Disturbing Crimes

Maryland Mayor Gets Charged After He Committed a Disturbing Crime

( – The youngest mayor in Cambridge, Maryland’s history, is in hot water. In January, 32-year-old Andrew Bradshaw (R) became mayor of 12,000 people in the small town, which sits along the banks of the Choptank River just east of the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the young politician to let power go to his head.

On Monday, November 15, police charged Bradshaw with a heinous crime. The Maryland State Prosecutor’s office said they’ve charged the mayor with 50 counts of distributing revenge porn. After a romantic relationship ended between the mayor and an unnamed 26-year-old woman, Bradshaw took it upon himself to share nude photographs of his ex-girlfriend online.

Mayor Shares Nude Photographs of Ex-Girlfriend

Prosecutors say Bradshaw created multiple accounts on Reddit and distributed nude pictures of the young woman with racial slurs and sexually explicit language meant to demean and diminish her. Bradshaw posted the images to various subreddit forums that included sexual activity, race, humiliation and other topics. The mayor didn’t just post the images. He also added the victim’s personal information by using variations of her name and including her birthdate with the intent of harming her.

In May, the unnamed victim learned about the postings and contacted law enforcement about the violations of her privacy. According to a complaint she filed, the woman said she didn’t give Bradshaw consent to publicize the pictures, which she’d sent to him when they were in a consensual relationship.

Police were able to track the IP address of the pictures to Bradshaw’s residence.

Revenge Porn Is Against Maryland Law

Forty-eight of the 50 United States have laws against revenge porn. The violation of the law occurs when a person posts sexually explicit images or videos of another person without their consent and for the purpose of revenge or harassment. Maryland prosecutors say Bradshaw’s use of the victim’s images without her permission is a serious breach of trust and an invasion of her privacy. The fact a politician in a position of power and trust broke the law makes the situation even graver.

Maryland law prohibits the nonconsensual distribution of media exposing intimate body parts or displaying them in sexual acts with the intent to harm, harass, intimidate, threaten or coerce a victim.

The city is fully aware of the situation and said it’s gathering information and will fully cooperate with investigators. If the case goes to trial and Bradshaw is found guilty by a jury, he could face up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine for each charge.

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