Man Says ‘Bigfoot’ Made Him Murder His Friend

Man Says 'Bigfoot' Made Him Murder His Friend

Bigfoot Commits First Murder In History

( – Stories of Bigfoot have passed down through North American history like a legend, through Native American culture, pioneers, mountain men, and even modern campers. The public is very familiar with the legendary iconic figure. On Wednesday, July 12, two friends in Ada, Oklahoma, spent time hand fishing for catfish. At some point in the day, Larry Sanders killed his friend Jimmy Knighten. Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian said that Sanders claimed Knighten summoned Bigfoot to kill Sanders. So, Sanders said he had to kill his friend first.

The sheriff said the alleged killer appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance while he spoke with the police. That statement may not be admissible in court because law enforcement didn’t take a blood test. Sanders said he first shared what happened with a relative before another family member reported the alleged murder to the police.

Christian noted that at first, police couldn’t do much to Sanders without proof there was a murder. Still, officials wanted the 53-year-old man on an outstanding warrant for unpaid fines. After an extensive search, investigators found Knighten’s body. Though there hasn’t been an official medical examiner report establishing the cause of death, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation charged Sanders with first-degree murder.

Under Oklahoma law, if a jury convicts Sanders of first-degree murder, he could face the death penalty.

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