Man Rewards 10 Restaurant Workers with Incredible Gesture

Man Rewards 10 Restaurant Workers with Incredible Gesture

( – Since it began in March 2020, the pandemic has struck the foodservice industry immensely hard. Many workers have stuck it out and worked hard during the pandemic, while others collected unemployment and generous federal benefits. For one group of workers at a Florida restaurant, a big tipper made an incredible gesture of thanks.

After a family of three finished a meal at Wahoo Seafood Grill, they gathered the staff of 10, thanked them for their dedication and hard work and left them a $10,000 tip to share. At first, Shawn Shepherd, the owner of Wahoo, thought the gesture by the man was suspicious. There wasn’t anything peculiar about it. 

The owner of the restaurant said it was like Christmas watching his employees get their paychecks. Shepard expressed his deep gratitude for the unselfish tipper and his employees who stayed loyal to his business throughout the pandemic. The employer added that his company wouldn’t have survived during the difficult times through the pandemic without his dedicated team.

Shepherd understands difficult times. That’s why giving one of his employees her paycheck was so special. A mom, one of Shepherd’s team members, desperately needed the money after enduring a challenging time due to a child’s sickness. 

The generous tipper’s gift will go a long way toward helping the employed Mom and the rest of Shepherd’s team.

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