Man Dies After Lighting Fireworks on His Own Head

Man Dies After Lighting Fireworks on His Own Head

Horrific 4th of July Accident Leads to Sudden Death

( – What one person finds adventurous, another might see as reckless, especially if people are drinking alcohol. Early Tuesday morning, July 5, 43-year-old Pablo Ruiz and some friends were participating in what appeared to be some good old-fashioned Fourth of July fun. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for Ruiz.

Just after midnight, police received a call regarding a fireworks mishap. Ruiz’s friends told police they were drinking and having fun while setting off the displays. They witnessed the man place a powerful mortar-style firework on his head and set it off. Investigators said the mortar might have exploded near the bottom of the firework and damaged Ruiz’s skull.

When paramedics arrived on the scene, they found Ruiz unresponsive with significant head trauma. Police said the blast exposed part of his brain. Unfortunately, the victim died on the scene from injuries he sustained while launching the firework.

In 2021, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported nine people died from fireworks-related accidents, and at least 11,500 suffered injuries. Of those who died, six failed to follow safety precautions, and one was due to a mortar launch malfunction. Since 2006, injuries related to fireworks have increased by 25%. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chair Alex Hoehn-Saric said people must know the risks before using the explosives and stressed the best way to enjoy them is through professional fireworks shows.

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