Majority Support Deportation of Illegals Under This One Condition

Majority Support Deportation of Illegals Under This One Condition

( – In a new poll commissioned by the Washington Examiner, participants reveal some interesting perspectives about various pandemic-related mandates. Before we jump into the details of the survey, it’s important to note that 45% of respondents considered themselves Democrats, 36% were Republicans, and 17% were independents. Of the independents, 51% leaned Democratic, and 41% leaned Republican. The surveyors conducted the poll from August 13-18.

So, armed with that information, what did the respondents say?

How Does the Public Feel About the Pandemic and Mandates?

According to the Echelon Insights poll, a substantial majority of Americans prefer to deny illegal immigrants entry into the United States if they test positive for COVID-19. Approximately 72% strongly or somewhat agree that border patrol should deport migrants immediately who test positive for the virus.

While masks are controversial in the news, they aren’t in this poll. Of people surveyed, 74% said they support government mandates requiring unvaccinated individuals to wear masks in indoor public places. Additionally, 61% said everyone should wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. Regarding our younger population, 67% said children should wear masks in schools.

When evaluating the survey from a partisan point of view, 45% of Republicans supported indoor masking regardless of one’s vaccination status. Democrats were nearly double that figure at 85%. When comparing school mask mandates for students, 88% of Democrats agreed compared to 45% of Republicans.

Mask mandates aren’t the only issue driving pandemic news. Vaccine mandates are also a hot topic of debate when it comes to public health versus personal liberties. The poll found that respondents largely supported employer vaccine mandates. Nearly 65% strongly or somewhat supported employer vaccination requirements or weekly testing. Perhaps more concerning to some survey takers, 58% also said they approved of employers firing employees refusing to get vaccinated. However, when evaluating the poll by partisan breakdown, 46% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats supported employers firing unvaccinated employees.

Additionally, respondents favored requiring vaccines to dine in or go to the gym by a margin of 61% to 32%.

What’s the Most Important Issue?

While the nation’s economy struggles due to employer job openings and runaway prices on practically everything one purchases, it wasn’t the top issue for these respondents. The leading problem confronting America was the pandemic at 23%, jobs and the economy at 16% and immigration at 11%.

Nearly 40% were extremely or very concerned that someone in their family could get infected with COVID-19, and 46% feared the worst of the pandemic is still to come. Additionally, 53% of respondents said the country reopened too fast. Only 17% disagreed with that assessment.

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