Major U.S. City Overrun With Migrants

Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

( – The migrant crisis in New York City has caused businesses to start complaining about taking financial hits because of the influx in asylum seekers that have made their way into the country. The migrants have now spilled out from the shelters and are often on the streets.

New Yorkers have pointed out that asylum seekers are no longer confined to shelters, as many families have taken over the city’s sidewalks, and many tent cities have popped up across New York. This has led to people referring to the immigration crisis as a “plague” on the city, especially as there are no signs that the situation is expected to get better soon.

In the last month, The Post stated that documented asylum seekers had been hanging out in camp chairs right outside the Roosevelt Hotel shelter in Midtown. Migrant children have also been seen riding up and down 46th Street or even playing outside businesses.

The manager of SAYKI Menswear, George Boahene, told The Post that the situation has had a great effect on them as the area was meant to be a business area and not a residential one. Boahene even expressed that because of the current situation, he is worried that he might end up losing his job if there is no action that is taken to fix the migration crisis. He added that on normal days they used to have around 5,000 orders or customers but with the current situation his business has taken a big hit and orders have dropped to “less than 500.”

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