Major Change Coming To Transportation Industry

Photo by Austin Ramsey on Unsplash

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Monday that the company aims to have its fully self-driving technology ready and released by the end of 2022.

During an energy conference in Norway, Musk noted that soon human drivers would be obsolete. Tesla is hoping to widely release these vehicles in the U.S. and Europe soon, but currently, they are still waiting for regulators’ approval.

Tesla’s current Full Self-Driving package, or FSD, is an extra costing $15,000 for each vehicle. This allows vehicles to stop at stop lights, control the car during traffic jams when in cruise control, and steer freely on the freeway and city streets. The update is hoping to eliminate the need for a human occupant in the car.

Musk has also said that these fully autonomous Teslas could be sent out by their owners as a ride-hailing service which could increase the traffic in cities.

However, Musk has said that cars spend a lot of time in the parking lot, which often costs owners money. By reducing the need for storage and keeping your car operating at all times, you can reduce the need for parking spaces.

Musk continued to say that the increase in traffic could also benefit his company, The Boring Company, which was originally a joke but now might be necessary for reducing traffic. His company is looking to drill tunnels under cities exclusively for Tesla vehicles.