Mainstream Media Hangs Biden Out To Dry

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Several prominent columnists from The New York Times are urging President Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, citing his disappointing performance during Thursday night’s debate against former President Trump.

“President Biden is a commendable individual who capped a long public service career with a successful presidential term. However, I hope he reflects on his debate performance and considers withdrawing from the race, leaving the Democratic nominee selection to the convention in August,” wrote Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

Kristof elaborated on the impact of Biden’s debate performance, stating, “Biden’s disastrous debate performance didn’t put to rest the doubts about his age and effectiveness,” adding that it was a “wrenching choice” for the president, but arguing it would be “the safest course for our nation.” He emphasized that while it would be a difficult decision, it is one that would benefit the country in the long run.

Thomas Friedman, another Times columnist who has previously written about his friendship with Biden, struck a similar tone in his recent column.

“I cannot remember a more heartbreaking moment in American presidential campaign politics in my lifetime,” Friedman wrote, describing Biden as “a good man and a good president” who, in his view, “has no business running for re-election.” Friedman reflected on the emotional weight of watching Biden’s debate performance and the implications it has for his continued candidacy.

Friedman further argued that if Biden were to step down now, he would be “remembered as having one of the better presidencies in our history.” He noted that stepping aside at this point would allow Biden to preserve his legacy and the significant achievements of his administration.

He warned, “If he insists on running and loses to Trump, Biden, his family, his staff, and party members who supported him will face significant backlash. They deserve better. America needs better. The world needs better.” Friedman emphasized the potential consequences of Biden’s continued candidacy, highlighting the importance of ensuring that the Democratic Party puts forth a candidate who can effectively challenge Trump and address the pressing issues facing the nation.

These sentiments reflect a growing concern among some of Biden’s supporters and political analysts, who fear that his age and recent performance may hinder his ability to secure a second term. The debate has sparked a broader conversation about the future of the Democratic Party and the need for new leadership to take on the challenges of the upcoming election.

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