Liz Cheney Flips Out After Tucker Carlson’s ‘Patriot Purge’ Documentary

Liz Cheney Flips Out After Tucker Carlson's 'Patriot Purge' Documentary

( – Toward the end of former President Donald Trump’s time in office, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) became a rare outspoken Republican critic of the former president. After the January 6 riot, Cheney voted to impeach Trump and blamed him for the events on Capitol Hill. Republicans in Congress stripped Cheney of her leadership role, and the Wyoming GOP censored her for the vote. Cheney is only one of two anti-Trump Republicans who sit on the partisan January 6 Select Committee.

On Wednesday, October 27, Fox News host Tucker Carlson previewed a new three-part documentary he’s rolling out called “Patriot Purge.” In it, Carlson suggests the focus of the riot is in the wrong place and called the investigation a “domestic war” against the right-wing. What ensued was a war of words between Cheney and Carlson.

On Thursday, Cheney blasted Carlson and accused him of spreading lies and conspiracy theories about January 6. She said Fox News gave him a platform to spread misinformation the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump and alleging January 6 was a ruse. She equated Carlson’s words to the same stories that led to the violence on Capitol Hill.

On Thursday evening, Tucker Carlson dismissed Cheney’s criticism. He said the congresswoman is upset about something she hasn’t seen. Regarding her call to action to Fox to take Carlson off the air, the popular Fox News personality said his bosses don’t pull shows over petty politicians who object to news commentary.

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