Lindsey Graham Predicts Donald Trump Will Announce Campaign Next Year

Lindsey Graham Predicts Donald Trump Will Announce Campaign Next Year

( – The country is waiting with anticipation to learn what Donald Trump is going to do. Will he or won’t he run in 2024? It’s a question the former president continues to evade. Over the last several months, Trump has hinted he’s leaning toward running. He says the base will be very unhappy if he doesn’t. Still, it’s hard to say what will happen.

One GOP Senator believes he knows the answer. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has grown close to the 45th president over the last five years. They routinely golf together and have sought one another out for perspective during Trump’s four years in office. On Wednesday, December 29, the powerful South Carolina Senator told Newsmax’s Eric Bolling that Trump would announce his decision in early 2023.

Trump Trying to Help Secure GOP Takeover of Congress

Members of the media have repeatedly asked the former president if he’s running in 2024. Trump answers the same every time. He says right now, the most important thing is for Republicans to take back the House and Senate in 2022. Graham believes that’s the key to Trump’s future announcement.

Graham said after the GOP retakes both chambers of Congress, Trump will announce he’s running for president in 2024. In order to help Trump win the presidency, the South Carolina Senator said the GOP in Congress must do its part to draw out the contrast between Trump and any Democratic rival. Graham said it starts with shutting down the Democrats’ socialist agenda.

Just as important, Sen. Graham said Republicans needed to pass legislation that is tough on crime, secure the border and loudly proclaim America stands firmly behind Israel. By doing that, Graham says it shapes the 2024 presidential battlefield and tilts the campaign in Trump’s favor. If Republicans don’t take back both chambers, it may be more difficult for the former president to run a third time.

It’s Trump’s Nomination If He Wants It

Graham has openly come out supporting Trump in the past, offering predictions of what could happen. On Thursday, December 30, Graham told Fox News host Pete Hegseth the Republican nomination is Trump’s unless something unforeseen comes out of left field.

Graham went on to predict that as long as Trump runs a disciplined campaign, he’ll be back in the White House. The Senator said for the 45th president to be successful, he’ll need to contrast energy independence, a strong economy, illegal immigration, Afghanistan and how he demolished ISIS in Syria. At this point, President Biden and congressional Democrats have created a mess in each of those areas.

So, for those who want to see Trump win again, it might be more important to focus on doing everything one can to ensure the GOP takes back the House and Senate first.

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