Libertarians Team Up With Gas Station, Democrats Fuming

Photo by Dawn McDonald on Unsplash

( – Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a fiscally conservative political advocacy group, will partner with gas stations across the country to roll back prices at the pump to what they were four years ago. 

On Monday, AFP launched its week-long campaign to give Americans a “pre-Bidenomics break at the pump.” 

The coast-to-coast event will see various gas stations reducing prices of regular gas by 41 percent, to as little as $2.38 per gallon at the pump, in line with the national average in 2020, when President Joe Biden assumed office. 

AFP’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Akash Chougule, blamed the President’s “war on American energy” for the increase in gas prices, listing several of Biden’s policies that have had “disastrous results.” 

Chougule listed the shuttering of the Keystone Pipeline and the ban on energy leases on federal land as some of Biden’s most egregious “top-down policies” that have negatively impacted the country’s energy resources. 

Chougule concluded that the AFP’s week-long event would spotlight “what gas prices could be” if those in the Oval Office “unleash[ed] our country’s energy potential.” 

The AFP kickstarted its gas price rollback at 11 a.m. on Monday at the Sunoco gas station at 7701 Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh. It will then travel across the country before concluding at a gas station in Oregon. 

The AFP expects at least 4,000 drivers to participate in the event to maximize the bargain prices. 

The event will take place at 25 gas stations in 14 states, including Florida, Wisconsin, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Colorado.

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