Liberals ERUPT Over Trump’s Newest Award

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Donald Trump was bestowed with the “Man of the Decade” accolade by the Oakland County Republican Party during the 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner held in Michigan. The event featured Trump as the keynote speaker in his first campaign appearance in Michigan since 2016, with a substantial turnout that exceeded his previous Michigan event attendance record. Ticket prices for the dinner ranged from $250 to $7,500, as reported by The Oakland Press.

Although Trump claimed it was his second time receiving the award, a 2013 press release from the event, as noted by Rolling Stone, does not mention such an award. Fact Check has raised doubts about Trump’s repeated assertions of winning the “Man of the Year” award since 2013, questioning the credibility of these claims.

Former GOP state Representative Ryan Berman, chair of this year’s dinner, acknowledged that Donald Trump, whether loved or hated, is currently one of the most famous individuals globally, in a statement to a Detroit Free Press reporter.

During his speech, Trump asserted his unparalleled dedication to Michigan, proclaiming that no president has fought harder for the state than he has. He made unfounded claims about the potential detrimental impact of the Biden administration’s electric vehicle objectives on Michigan. Additionally, he accused Washington’s “globalist vultures” of betraying Michigan workers and families in an unimaginable way.

Trump emphasized the immense significance of the upcoming election, labeling it as the most crucial battle of their lives. He reiterated familiar themes, including unverified allegations of election fraud, and asserted that only he could prevent an imminent World War III.

Confidently, Trump declared his ability to settle the Russia-Ukraine conflict within 24 hours if elected in 2024, even before taking office, boasting that it would not be a challenging task.

Trump argued that the investigations against him would cease immediately if he were not the leading Republican candidate, considering it a badge of honor and courage. He viewed himself as being indicted on behalf of the 200 million people who love the country.

Furthermore, Trump promised to cut federal funding for schools that promote critical race theory, transgender issues, or any inappropriate content related to race, sexuality, or politics for children. He also reiterated his stance on ending birthright citizenship, which garnered applause from the audience.

Most of Trump’s criticisms were directed towards President Joe Biden, whom he portrayed as unsupportive of religion and labeled a “catastrophe.” Trump announced his retirement of the nickname “Crooked Hillary” in favor of “Crooked Joe Biden,” believing it to be more fitting for Biden. However, he did take a moment to jest at the expense of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, remarking on his perceived lack of personality.

In conclusion, Trump depicted the nation as failing and in decline, emphasizing that the ongoing battle against the “Deep State,” globalists, Communists, Marxists, and fascists would determine the fate of America. He expressed his unwavering determination to liberate the country from these perceived adversaries and to defeat the supposedly corrupt Joe Biden, viewing it as the final battle.

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