Liberals Call Out Pence’s Decision To Avoid Women

CBP Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – In 2017, former Vice President Mike Pence made headlines over his dining habits after a 2002 interview he had given was unearthed. At the time Pence had claimed that he would not have a private dinner with any woman other than Karen, his wife, and that additionally, he would not attend any events where alcohol was present if his wife did not join him.

On Wednesday night, during a town hall appearance, he had told NewsNation host Leland Vittert that he had remembered his statement about not dining alone with any woman other than his wife and that prior to him becoming the Vice President that statement had not been considered controversial.

During the town hall, Pence also revealed that he would be willing to consider having a woman running mate which prompted Vittert to ask him again about his dining arrangements and how it would possibly work out if his Vice President was female.

In response, Pence stated that was a “very clever question” and that he and his wife had made a promise to one another. In his response, he did not indicate that the two would consider modifying the promise and instead, he stated that his family would always come first as it has done throughout his career.

He further stated that his greatest blessings are his faith, marriage, and family and that he would consider putting them first regardless of the criticisms he would face. Regarding finding a possible running mate, he argued that his priority would be on finding someone with whom he shared his core values.

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