Liberal Star Wants “An Army” Of Doctors to Go Perform Free Abortions in Texas

Liberal Star Wants

( – In a development that has angered liberal abortion advocates across the nation, Texas’ new law heavily restricting abortions went into force last week following the US Supreme Court’s refusal to block it. Under the new rules, terminations become illegal after the detection of a fetal heartbeat (which can occur after as little as six weeks of pregnancy), and private citizens can sue anyone who breaks the rules. Unsurprisingly, pro-choice figures are refusing to accept the change.

On Thursday, September 2, Elie Mystal, who contributes to The Nation magazine and regularly appears as a guest on MSNBC, slammed the new law and proposed a radical means of protest. According to Mystal, President Joe Biden could address the problem by “federalizing the doctor force” and directing an “army” of medics to perform terminations in Texas free of charge.

Mystal also drew a puzzling comparison between the new law and efforts from federal agencies to rescue the victims of extreme weather conditions last week. He suggested abortion proponents should take action to “get women in Texas” and defend their “constitutionally protected medical rights.”

While Mystal’s proposals are clearly nonsensical, he’s not the only one perturbed by the new law. Even some Republicans, such as Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL) and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, have said it’s a step too far. However, the GOP-led state of Texas seems determined to press ahead with the new rules despite these objections.

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