Liberal Reporter Says Trump’s X-Factor Made Putin Not Act Up

Liberal Reporter Says Trump's X-Factor Made Putin Not Act Up

( – A Democratic administration later, there is another Russian invasion of Ukraine. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and occupied it. On Monday, February 21, Russia began its latest assault on the neighboring country, except it’s fully invading this time. On Friday, February 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Ukrainian army to stand down, remove their leaders, and then, he would talk with them.

Sandwiched between the two events in Ukraine was Republican President Donald Trump. Despite the Democratic false narratives about Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, Putin was largely quiet on the international stage. On Tuesday, Trump said if he were president, Russia would never have invaded Ukraine. He said it wasn’t even thinkable.

On Wednesday, New York Times reporter Peter Baker said it’s a good question to ponder whether or not Trump was right. He said Putin might have thought Trump was volatile and didn’t know how the 45th president would react to an aggressive Ukrainian invasion. Perhaps Baker has a valid point. In 2016, Trump said he would never signal to America’s adversaries what he was thinking or how he would respond if military action were needed.

It seems the liberal media and Democrats are interested in blaming Trump for Russia’s action. Should anyone be surprised? Besides, isn’t it wise and prudent to keep your adversaries guessing?

What do you think? Why is the left continuing to blame Trump for everything that’s gone wrong when the POTUS should be taking responsibility?

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