Leaked Audio Exposes Trump Enemy at NIH

Leaked Audio Exposes Trump Enemy at NIH

(TruthandLiberty.com) – For two years, senior public health officials claimed they weren’t political figures despite recommending many controversial policies during the COVID-19 pandemic, including mask and vaccine mandates. Well, it seems former NIH Director Francis Collins might be more political in his views than he wanted to admit. In December, Collins retired from the NIH, but recently President Biden appointed him as a science adviser.

On October 26, Collins spoke at an event at the University of Chicago and put his claims of non-political actions into question. A recorded audio leak exposed the former NIH director’s hypocrisy. He claimed people should lose their jobs if they refused to vaccinate against COVID-19. He added the government absolutely had the authority to mandate vaccinations and laughed while saying if forced to choose between vaccinating or losing their jobs, people would choose to work.

Well, the legal world had a different view. In January, the US Supreme Court ruled the federal government didn’t have the Constitutional authority to institute a nationwide employer vaccine mandate.

Collins also took a swipe at former President Donald Trump. While more people have died from COVID-19 under President Biden, Collins blamed Trump for the deaths. He also criticized the former president for ruining his and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s reputations, labeling Trump as self-involved and misguided.

Throughout the recorded rant, Collins never once took responsibility for his role in eroding trust between the American people and the federal government.

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