Lawsuit Filed Against Condo Association

Lawsuit Filed Against Condo Association

( – According to a lawsuit filed against a condo association and waste management company, bears are a big problem. John Donaldson, who was vacationing in Lake Tahoe, had gone to discard his dog’s waste when a bear approached him near a dumpster. In a panic, the man made a fateful move: He ran away.

In the lawsuit, Donaldson argues that Incline Village has a dangerous and persistent bear problem. The plaintiff alleges the dumpster was malfunctioning for months, and the bears have been scavenging for food in the trash. According to his report, he tripped and injured himself while fleeing the danger, and court records show he tore his Achilles tendon and suppressed his spine. The plaintiff is seeking $15,000 in damages from Incline Crest Condominium Association and Waste Management of Nevada, Inc.

When encountering a bear, experts say it’s best to remain calm. Never turn your back and don’t try to run; instead, stay quiet and move away from the area. If a bear does approach, don’t try to corner it. Always ensure the animal has an escape route and leave any doors to dumpsters open as you move away. You want the bear focused on food, not you. If all else fails, try to make yourself look bigger than you are by waving your hands and making loud noises such as clapping your hands. Continue to back away to a safe distance.

The incident at Incline Crest Condominium is a good reminder that we can’t always rely on others for our safety. People who live near dangerous wildlife should always take measures, such as keeping bear spray on hand, to reduce their chances of suffering an attack.

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