Lawmaker Demands Border Wall – Biden Needs To Listen

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

‘The Five’ co-hosts have discussed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s transportation of migrants to Philadelphia in buses.

Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. received cheers from the show’s live audience after saying that a border wall could be the solution to reducing illegal immigration. This position is breaking away from the position held by most Democrats. Ford argued that he is a big supporter of building a wall.

However, he also criticized Republicans for not being willing to discuss possible solutions that could help with the immigration crisis. He continued to say that the asylum system needs to be reformed. He added that the United States currently spends trillions of dollars trying to bring peace to regions across the world, but they are not spending any money on their “own backyard”. He argued that this is why they are currently facing all of these challenges.

Ford believes that this is why the work visa system needs to be redesigned and changed as foreign workers are often the key to the U.S. economy.

In the meantime, Abbott has continued to bus illegal migrants out of his state, with the latest buses arriving in Philadelphia. This has led to Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney, who had previously celebrated Philadelphia becoming a sanctuary city, calling Abbott and his administration “cruel and racist.”