Last Photo of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father Surfaces

Last Photo of Ghislaine Maxwell's Father Surfaces

( – In 1991, things weren’t going so well for media mogul Robert Maxwell. The billionaire was deep in debt and practicing some shady financial dealings to hide his troubles. Now, a new BBC documentary is shedding light on what happened along with never-before-seen footage of the tycoon and father of socialite and convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell before his death.

Months before Maxwell died, senior employees at the British Mirror newspaper suspected something wrong with the company’s finances. Maxwell bugged company offices and homes, and the BBC documentary reveals senior staff members were frustrated Maxwell was spending his time on his yacht instead of addressing the company’s problems. New film footage shows Maxwell relaxing on his yacht in the last days of his life.

In November 1991, Maxwell’s body was found floating nude inside a life preserver in the ocean. Not long after, company officials discovered the media mogul had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from a pension fund to inflate the company’s share price. At the end of Maxwell’s life, former Mirror Group secretary Carol Bragoli said the billionaire distrusted everyone but his two sons and became angry and paranoid.

It’s unknown whether Maxwell committed suicide or died by accident. A former editor said Maxwell’s relationship with his daughter was complicated, but she was sure he loved Ghislaine. Yet, Maxwell’s love for his children could bounce between the heart and the throat.

The documentary airs Monday, April 4, on BBC 2.

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