Kim Jong Un Takes Break From Public Eye As Issues Mount

Kim Jong Un Takes Break From Public Eye As Issues Mount

( – In recent weeks, Kim Jong Un’s sister has become oddly more vocal than her dictator brother. The shift has led some people to wonder where the enigmatic hermit leader is hiding. The North Korean leader has taken previous breaks from the public eye. However, observers say there’s something different about it this time.

It’s been two weeks since anyone last saw or heard from Kim publicly. At that time, he sported a large bandage on the back of his head and appeared significantly thinned down. His disappearance comes when North Korea is struggling through significant challenges including, but not limited to, the COVID-19 pandemic, massive flooding, economic troubles and a severe food shortage.

Making the disappearance even more interesting, the United States and South Korea are conducting military training exercises. The two countries practice the routine joint exercises every August, during which time Kim historically breaks out to make his own military point. Observers have highlighted his silence this year, which may make it harder to anticipate his moves. At least we knew where he stood in years past, when he blasted the US presence, hitting back with missile tests and other military shows of power during the regular exercises.

North Korean state media suggests nothing is wrong. Perhaps Kim Jong Un is just taking a break from the public eye, or maybe his missing statement has other implications. Right now, no one really knows what to believe.

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