Kevin McCarthy DROPS Major Warning To Republicans

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has warned those House Republicans who are considering not supporting him to become Speaker that if they oppose him then the Democrats might end up being the ones to decide who will be the next Speaker.

On Newsmax on Monday, McCarthy noted that the only way for Republicans to be successful is if they all worked together. He added that their success was imperative if they wanted to stop the Biden administration. He also warned that should the Republicans in the House not work together then the Democrats could be in a position to take the majority and even choose who the next Speaker will be.

McCarthy has so far won his party’s nomination for the Speaker position. This was after he faced off against Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.). McCarthy won the vote in a 188 to 31 vote split. Five GOP members also chose to not support either of the two representatives.

In order to become the Speaker he will also need to win the majority on the House floor once the new Congress starts on Jan. 3. The Republicans currently hold a very narrow majority in the House, having won 222 seats in the latest elections. The Democrats still have 213 seats. This means that if McCarthy loses a few more than a handful of votes then he will not be the next House Speaker.