Kamala Harris’ Trip to Poland Turns Disastrous

Kamala Harris' Trip to Poland Turns Disastrous

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Poor Kamala Harris. It seems everything she touches turns into a public relations nightmare. In 2021, she was supposed to oversee the immigration crisis at the US southern border. Later, President Biden asked her to manage inflation. Neither has worked out well for the vice president.

On Wednesday, March 9, Biden dispatched his VP to Poland and Romania to let our NATO allies know the US stands with them as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. As Harris tries to build her foreign policy experience, she’s causing a bit of a stir. A reporter asked Harris if Poland could handle a massive number of refugees and if the United States would accept a large number of them. Harris didn’t appear up to the task of answering the question.

Instead, she looked at Polish President Andrzej Duda for help. Not eager to answer the question, Vice President Harris awkwardly stated, “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” and then she broke out in the characteristically awkward laugh that suggested she was uneasy and might not know how to answer the question. Eventually, the Polish president rescued Harris, saying he asked her to help make the process of obtaining a US visa quicker and more efficient so Ukrainian refugees could stay in the United States.

Harris never revealed an answer. Nonetheless, viewers on Twitter seemed unimpressed and even embarrassed by the interaction.

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